Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Well – another one bites the dust. Events cancelled due to Coronavirus, that is. We’ve all been hearing about theme parks, big events and large gatherings, sports games, and concerts getting the axe the past few days and one of the latest is one of our favorite local annual events (see here and here) – The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.

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All of these closings are the right and necessary precautions, we can most likely all agree. But it’s still such a bummer to hear, particularly since we know so many people–both local and those coming in from out-of-town–depend on this as a major source of income for themselves.

From The Winter Park Street Art Festival’s website:

“Due to current information regarding the potential spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), and events beyond our control, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (WPSAF), scheduled for Friday, March 20, through Sunday, March 22, 2020, will be cancelled.

The City of Winter Park and the WPSAF Committee decided together that the health and safety of the community, guests, event patrons, artists and staff are the very top priority. Thank you for understanding our concerns.”

What other events have you been hearing about that you’re super-bummed have been cancelled due to this virus outbreak?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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