Golf Channel Putt Putt Putts Its Way Out of Orlando Headquarters


Did you guys hear the news that was recently released about Golf Channel’s headquarters here in Central Florida, closing up shop and relocating up north? Surely you did. They’ve been around for as long as we can remember, and we’ve known several people who’ve been employed by them throughout the years.


It apparently wasn’t a big surprise to anyone who works at the longtime Orlando-based company, as cited by one of the news sources we saw release the information:

““This was not a shocker,” said one Golf Channel employee, who spoke to GOLF.com Friday evening on condition of anonymity. “It had been rumored for months so I don’t think many people were surprised. There was no gasping or crying. More just a sense that this is the reality of the media business today.

We certainly hate to see businesses move out of the area as it means a shift in local economic impacts as well as jobs. What do you think? Is this is a smart move for Golf Channel? And even moreso, are you one of the employees who will be affected by this enormous move? Sound off in the comments section.

Here are a few articles we’ve curated on the news:



What are your thoughts on this topic?

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