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img_3737Pizza, pizza, pizza. How often do we talk about pizza here (besides here and here and here and here)? Simply not enough! But seriously – there are so many options to grab pizza in the Central Florida area, plus…we really love pizza. So while there is talk of lots of pizza here, there will undoubtedly be more to come.

With that, we recently met up with some friends in the Winter Garden area to pop in to 1000 Degrees Pizzeria for a quick lunch.

Once inside, you’ll note there’s not too terribly much that’s unique or distinct about this place but it is delicious. And there is a big brick oven directly within eyesight.

Currently located in over 22 states throughout the nation, 1000 Degrees is a franchised business model.. This particular locale is on Highway 50/Colonial Drive, just past the intersection of Colonial and Buela. On the end of a little strip shop, you’ve gotta look real hard or you’ll miss it.

The Menu
Now while quite extensive, the menu at 1000 Degrees is pretty standard. No big fanfare or wild pizza pies here. And while you can order off of a preset menu you can also choose from a mixture of make-your-own pie options.
1000 Degrees Pizza Menu

The Process
As with many of the local pizza shops popping up in the area (some of which we’ve featured here on the site), this place is a make-it-up-through-the-line-as-you-go type of experience. Unless, of course, you order directly off of the menu. Customers are greeted by the long “ingredients line” as they enter through the door, with a quite impressive oven providing the backdrop (perhaps just the tease to the senses as one’s own meal is being prepped).

The Final Product
The final product once prepared and cooked was pretty tasty. We went with something fairly basic, obviously, but it tasted exactly as one would expect based on its appearance. This is the Neapolitan “The Meatza” off the main menu – marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, and crumbled meatballs.


And The Extras
1000 Degrees has some delicious extras on their menu. Errr…excuse us – appetizers. Like wings (six and 12 pieces with varying types of marinades) and cheesy bread. The bread looked the most delicious to us – cheesy garlic, bacon cheesy, and pepperoni cheesy – so that’s what we went with. Because of the meat-loaded pies we ordered we went with the basic garlic cheesy bread. And it was delicious.

Location deets:

1000 Degrees
13599 West Colonial Drive
Winter Garden, FL

By the way, as we mentioned above this business is based on a franchise model of operation. We’re not interested at all ourselves, and we gain nothing by promoting this fact or helping support their efforts to find new franchise candidates. We just wanted an excuse to show this video we noticed featured on their website:

Think you’d ever consider it?


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