Earth Day Flashback at Urban Greenwood Wetlands

While recently out on a walk on a beautiful day around one of our favorite places in Central Florida, we happened to notice something we’ve never noticed before, despite having walked/jogged/run this area many, many times over the years:

This little tree that was planted nearly 30 years ago has grown into this massive beast we now see and enjoy, just barely hugging the path that’s been built up around the marsh.

Isn’t that something? And there are these great tidbits of history and information peppered all around this great place we call home in Central Florida. In attempting to do some research on this specific tree, our results didn’t turn up too much. Actually – nothing at all. Other than what we know of the plaque in that the tree was planted by the Florida Conservation Corps and GreenUp Orlando.We love what’s mentioned on the City’s website about the GreenUp initiative:

“GreenUp Orlando encourages citizens and groups to plant trees and shrubs, beautify their neighborhoods, raise public awareness and pride in Orlando, “The City Beautiful,” and promote the benefits of volunteer efforts in partnership with the City.” – CityOfOrlando.net

Do you or someone you know have any information about it?

What have you noticed while you’ve been out and about exploring around the city, or even just happened to randomly notice one day?


What are your thoughts on this topic?

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