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Sus Hi Eatstation: Sushi Rolls, Bowls and Burritos

Sus Hi Eatstation
The very first thing we’ll say about Sushi Eat Station is that it has its aesthetics going for it. The place–at least the interior–is hella festive, and there’s lots and lots to look at.  (whether dining in or just picking up something to carry out). So that’s that.

Sushi Is Bae sign

World’s first customizable sushi rolls, bowls and burritos. – SushiEatStation.com

A franchised business model, Sus Hi Eatstation many locations in the Central Florida area:

Altamonte Springs
East Colonial
Lake Nona

Additionally, there’s a location in Tampa and also one in Gainesville.

We recently stopped in to the East Colonial location, which is situated just east of the Mills 50 District in the middle of a tiny strip shopping center. Once parked, customers can enter the restaurant through a back entrance, or head around to the main entrance on Colonial.


Sus Hi Eaststation entrance.

Once inside you’ll have the option to review either pre-printed menus or digital menus displayed above the food prep stations. The menu is quite extensive, with numerous ways to “build your own” as well as “small bites” and “fun stuff” that’s already prepared.

Sus Hi Eatstation Menu

On this visit we decided to go with a couple of “mini” bowls (trying to eat somewhat healthy…er at the time). Some of the other options besides bowls are rolls and burritos. So with our bowls we went with two proteins (there’s an option of up to five!)

Sus Hi Eatstation Mini Bowl

Mini Bowl #1

Our first mini bowl consisted of grilled steak and chicken tempura for our two (2) proteins, which is what classifies the “mini” bowl. For toppings we kept it pretty simple with some cabbage (raw), rice, and edamame beans. There were some carrots in there as well but likely buried at the bottom. That was all topped off with a bit of ginger sesame sauce (which is always a win in our book).

Sus Hi Eatstation Mini Bowl

Mini Bowl #2

For our second mini bowl, the proteins consisted of cooked shrimp and spicy krab, accompanied by cabbage, rice, cheese, and white sauce. Pretty basic, right?

Sus Hi Eatstation Spicy Cauliflower

In addition to the two bowls we placed an order of the spicy cauliflower off of the “small bites” portion of the menu. Sounds like it would be delicious, no? You’d think so. Unfortunately this item fell pretty flat. Actually, as much as I hate having negative things to say about any business or establishment, all of the food on this visit fell pretty flat. Nothing really had any flavor despite the meats supposedly having been marinated, and the extra sauces included in the bowls. Perhaps it’s because we got the food to go and this particular food just doesn’t travel well? Maybe…..


We’d have to say this was not our favorite “fast food” place in the Central Florida area. Definitely several other places we’d recommend hitting up before before this one – at least to this location. That said, we’re always, always, always (ok – almost always) willing to give a place at least two tries. So if we end up going back to one of the Sus Hi Eatstation locations here in Orlando we’ll be sure to let you know what the outcome is.

Sus Hi Eatstation really does offer a pretty extensive menu. So there’s at least other options we can try out. Take a look at the entire thing here: SusHiEatstation.com/Menu.

Location deets:

Sushi Eat Station
1830 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Have you ever eaten at a Sushi Eat Station?


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