Pet Wants is Supporting Your Furry Friends with Natural Pet Food and More

There’s a new little addition to our household. Hang on and let’s take paws: There a new little big addition to our household. “Bucky” has recently joined the family, is probably the absolute sweetest doggy in the entire world, has sufficiently shaken the cat’s lives to the core (there are two of them; they now are going to permanently reside underneath the bed), and has put us on the lookout for all sorts of new and exciting food, toys, and other products.


So on a trip to Lake Eola to walk around Orlando Farmer’s Market and catch up on all things new, we were quite excited to stumble upon this tent near the end of the exhibitors, called Pet Wants. Pretty self-explanatory, straight and to the point. And we quickly got the seal of approval from Bucky as he basically pummeled the owner for a delicious treat and sip of water (little bit of help here – can dogs actually sip?). Anyway, we started to look around and ask the owner some questions and were immediately fans not only of their products but also of their story.

“Pet Wantsโ€™ specially-crafted pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl. Pet Wants South Orlando offers multiple blends of dog and cat food formulas as well as healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax, and more. Pet Wants South Orlando is a mobile business and we offer free, personal delivery to Conway, Belle Isle, SODO, Lake Nona, Lee Vista, and the surrounding areas.” – PetWantsSouthOrlando.com

Pet Wants South Orlando Exhibit Tent at Orlando Farmer's Market
Pet Wants South Orlando Exhibit Tent at Orlando Farmer’s Market.

In addition to some chew toys and jerkies and things along these lines, they have delicious meals like whitefish and duck, grain free, chicken meal and brown rice, sweet pawtato chips, and skin spray. There’s also some salve for those little paws that get a little roughed up from talking long walks outside – we snagged some of that for good ole Bucks.

Check out a few of the things they had on display for purchase (and order on their website):

Now it sounds like Pet Wants just has things for the favorite dog in your life, but they also have food and treats for the little kitties, too. They have the ingredients listed on their site: cat & kitten formula cat food, lean formula cat food, and kitten formula cat food.

You can always follow them on Facebook to get all of the latest and greatest info, and connect with them directly. Of course you can reach them by email at scrabb@petwants.com or by telephone at 407.969.1027. They’ll even let you request a free sample of their product (if you qualify as in the delivery area).

If you have a pet and are looking specifically for some natural, healthy food and also want to support a local business, be on the lookout for Pet Wants at some of the upcoming nearby events, festivals, and markets.


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