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Orlando’s Plan for Safer Streets

We recently ran across this very interesting, very, very, very long article about the danger of and intended safety reform of the streets here in Central Florida. It’s not secret, right? We pretty much all know driving in Central Florida can be like an (uneccessarily) aggressive game of frogger, but the fact of the matter is we simply can’t avoid getting on busy streets to get where we need to go. We’re not a “walking” city and we don’t yet regular, reliable public transportation we can take advantage of.

If you drive on nearly any of the major roads here in the area (we’re looking at you I-4, Colonial Drive, John Young Parkway, 417….) you probably see numerous car crashes on any single day (we used to have to drive I-4 every day and there was without fail at least three crashes daily), or hear stories on the radio about pedestrians being hit. Not to mention cars getting hit by trains – but that’s an entirely separate conversation, isn’t it.

All that said, the article provide quite an extensive background on how Orlando came to be the most dangerous driving city in the country, and what the plans are to hopefully soon get us stripped of that title.

It’s going to take about 30 years to normalize biking and walking, so those people aren’t looked at as being crazy. That’s how long it took for people to adopt seat belt usage. We’re being sold on autonomous vehicle and tech, but they aren’t going to solve the problem. It’s about changing human behavior.”

Grab a cup pot of coffee and spend some time reading over the entire piece here. What are some of the roads here in the Orlando/Central Florida area you are just fearful of driving on?


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