Whole Life Workshops in Partnership with Jessica Bott and The Welcome House

We all want a better life, no? At least – let’s hope most of us are moving in that direction on most days. And we’re always looking around the area to find information on events, seminars, workshops, etc. on ways to create better living, development & growth, and evolution. So when good friend to Pulse Jessica Bott shared with us about her upcoming “Whole Life Workshops” series in partnership with The Welcome House, we knew we had to give it a little bit of love.


Now the series just started yesterday, but lucky for you if you’re interested there’s a whole slew (not exactly sure how much that is, just that it’s a lot) of additional dates coming up over the next few months. But before we get too far ahead with that, what exactly is this “whole life workshop” series, and who is Jessica Bott?

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Well, as we mentioned Jessica is a dear friend. Quite simply put: She coaches women and men in their purpose. Obviously there’s way more to it, but that’s sorta the most important thing. We know her well, and can strongly advocate not only for her expertise in the space of self-help and coaching, but in the “product” she’s offering and what she’ll deliver though this series of workshops. (Side note: You will have the opportunity to get to know her much more in an upcoming “People Pulse” feature – be on the lookout.)


So here’s the “official” spiel:

Overview: The Welcome House presents the Whole Life Workshop Series with purpose coach and author, Jessica Bott. This 7-workshop series will help you to move forward in 2020 by providing tools and motivation for the journey.

Does that kinda sound like something you would be oh-so-interested in? Why not! As mentioned earlier, the series actually kicked off yesterday, but there’s still time to register for the remaining sessions and catch up.


Here’s a detailed look at the remaining content:


Setting Healthy Boundaries—In this workshop, we will talk about healthy boundaries and work through a practical exercise to identify and implement boundaries where they are needed.
Making Your Best Contribution—In this workshop, we explore the activities and interests you had when you were younger, how you’re currently spending your time and why all of that matters.
Clarifying Your Purpose—In this workshop, we will clarify what ignites your passion, your beliefs about your purpose and what that means for your life today.
Making Decisions—In this workshop, we will dive into a very practical exercise to help you move forward in decision-making today and for years to come.
Making the Most of Your Time—In this workshop, we will identify your best time for productivity each day, factors that influence your time, and how to invest your time in what matters most to you.
Living Without Regret—In this workshop, we will identify an area where you’re currently living in regret, why it matters that you address it, and how to move forward today.
We don’t mean for this to sound uber-salesy, but we totally believe not only in what Jess is offering here, but in Jess as well. If you want to consider joining in on this, you can register here: JessicaBott.com/workshops. And we’d love to hear all about your experience if you do.Know of any other interesting, useful, helpful sessions or courses like this going on in the area? Drop us a comment here or feel free to email us at PulseOfCentralFlorida@mail.com.

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