The Pizza Press in Winter Garden

The Pizza Press in Winter Garden, front entrance.

Have you been to any of The Pizza Press locations here in Central Florida (there’s one in Winter Garden and one in Celebration)? Relatively new to the local market, you’re probably saying to yourself “great – like we need one more pizza joint in the neighborhood.” First of all, yes – yes we will always need and have room for more pizza joints in the neighborhood. The more pizza options the better, I say! But that aside, The Pizza Press is one pizza joint worth having around; in fact, it might be some of my favorite. We recently popped in to the Winter Garden shop for a late night nosh and gotta say their πŸ• is πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ.

The Pizza Press Hamlin Horizon West Lifestyle v1 SMALLNow this particular location is just off of the 429in a new development called Hamlin. There’s nothing really new or different about this development as it relates to other similar developments in America – you’ve got your Publix, a spiffy new Walmart, a huge CinΓ©polis Luxury Theatre, and a variety of restaurant options. The Pizza Press is obviously one of them, situated on the tail end of a strip center backed up to the main thoroughfare of Independence Parkway.

When visitors pull into the parking lot and walk through the front doors, they’ll probably note a concept very similar to other “build it” pizza places in existence. But that’s ok. What we really like about The Pizza Press, in particular, is the “news” theme and bringing in the customer to the story building experience.

Pizza lovers are encouraged to craft their story by β€œpublishing” a pizza or choosing one of the signature pizzas named after major American newspapers such as β€œThe Times”, β€œThe Tribune”, and β€œThe Chronicle”, to name a few.”

We really like the open concept of being able to watch our food being made.

“The Pizza Press is elevating the β€˜build your own pizza’ concept by creating an immersive environment filled with ambiance, service, and, of course, pizza. The theme, inspired by 1920s Americana newspaper, harkens back to the industrialized era when newspapers were the foundation of the local community.

The dining area:


The food:

The ones we tried on this visit were “The Sun” and “The Times.”Β  You can check out the full details of these and the other items offered on The Pizza Press menu. But one thing we can tell you about why we like this place so much is we’re big fans of plentiful sauce on our pizza. Perhaps a really strange thing to be specific about on a pizza, but that’s us and this place delivers (“The Times” actually consists of white sauce, but the other has beaucoup red sauce).

And of course pizza always tastes better with beer, right? They offer several local craft beers (and wine) on tap and in bottles:


One thing to note at this location specifically, is the ample outdoor patio located just to the right of the building. It’s perfect for evening dining, as we’re entering into some of the “nicer” weather months here in Central Florida, or if you might plan on bringing your four-legged furry friend with you while you dine.

Location deets:

The Pizza Press
16406 New Independence Parkway
Winter Garden, Florida 34787

If you could place an order right now, what would yours be?⁣ If you ever give The Pizza Press a try you’ll have to let us know how your experience goes.


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