Light On The Sugar Bakery in Winter Park

Light On The Sugar Bakery
Light On The Sugar Bakery in Winter Park


On a trip recently to Twisted Root in Winter Park we noticed this adorable little bakery (ears perk up like a dog that hears the word “treat”) nearby and made it a point to stop in. Most particularly because of the name: Light On The Sugar. We love sugar and all, but if there’s ever an opportunity to try something a little sweet with less the sugar…we’re in. And with an additional little flair.

Curious? Here’s a little more about Light On The Sugar…which we snagged from their website:

“Light On The Sugar is a family owned bakery and coffee shop. We use the finest ingredients in all of our recipes and our passion is to bring to you the finest gourmet coffee, tea and pastries with an Asian twist.” – LightOnTheSugar.com

As with many of these strip shopping centers, it’s pretty easy to miss anything unless it’s what you’re specifically looking for. But the exterior of this business is quite cute – a few sets of tables and chairs hugging the front door, accompanied by plants welcoming those walking by to come in.



Where all the magic happens.

The interior of the shops very, very quaint, but very warm and welcoming. We were particularly fond of the “plant wall,” which we explored while waiting for our order to be ready.


And the treats are both very pretty and equally tasty. Items like cream puffs, croissants, macaroons, and matcha crepe rolls eagerly await patrons to rescue them from their entrapment from behind the plexi counter display. So we managed to save a few…at least long enough until we got home.

The pastries were all quite delicious. The only comment we’d really make is the could be just a tad sweeter. But the whole point of this shop is to offer “healthier” options, right?


Like what you see so far (of our poorly captured photographs). Check out the full menu of offerings here: LightOnTheSugar.com/menu. You can also find a lot of great product shots on the Light On The Sugar Facebook Page.


Location deets:
Light On The Sugar Bakery
4270 Aloma Ave Suite #112
Winter Park, FL 32792

If you’re into tasty treats and pretty sweets, do you think you’d give this place a try?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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