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Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park

UPDATE: Deadly Sins Brewing is now closed.


If we had a hundred dollars for every new brewery that’s opened up in the Central Florida area over the past couple of years, well…we wouldn’t really be that rich because let’s face it, $100 really isn’t that much. And while there have been a lot of breweries to come onto the scene there aren’t that many. So we’ll still remain very much not rich, and just enjoy drankin’ some delicious beer at local breweries.

That said, one of our favorite “new guys” in town (they just opened in July of this year), and one you’ve likely not even heard of, is Deadly Sins Brewing. This little drinking hole is tucked away in an industrial section of Winter Park, just a few blocks off of 17-72 near Lee Road.

Once you’ve reach the destination and found a place to park (the lot is tiny) you can make your way inside by way of two entrances. There are also two very, very large garage doors we imagine are just wonderful to open when the weather is nice. Inside, the l-shaped bar is in the middle of the space, with some tables on the left and additional seating around the front area. The establishment used to be pet-friendly but they’ve recently started offering food to patrons (more on that later), so the inside is no longer accepting of dogs.

Here’s a little look around inside, captured during our first visit a couple of months ago (have been back several times since):


Now here’s what you really came for, right? The drinks. And Deadly Sins has some really, really good ones. Here’s the list of drinks: http://deadlysinsbrewing.com/on-tap/.


While the bar does have quite a variety of beers to choose from, we certainly have our favorites: Latitudes, Side Chick, Move Over Darling, and 7serve the 7ervants. These range from “easy” to “hoppy” and there are some “malty” and “sour” beers on the menu as well. We’re not really fans of the latter two – although have tried several. If any of these or any of the ones listed on the menu sound at all interesting to you, we’d highly recommend ordering a flight – it’s really the best way to sample a variety of tastes.

Now earlier we’d mentioned Deadly Sins used to welcome dogs indoors and then recently started offering food. We tried some of the warm cookies that were baked right there and they were delicious. In addition to sweet treats like that, there’s a homemade pretzel and beer cheese, charcuterie tray (always a win!) a variety of naan dishes, and  and several bowl options. It really is a great addition to the menu of beers and also the perfect idea for a little bar nosh. You can view the entire (current) menu on the Deadly Sins Brewing Facebook Page.

And like any good brewery or bar that wants you to stick around for some time, they have games!

Location deets:

Deadly Sins Brewing
750 Jackson Avenue #102
Winter Park, FL 32789

What do you think? Sound intriguing? Have you had a chance to check out Deadly Sins Brewing?

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