Twisted Root Burger Co. to Open in Winter Park (Part II)

You guys might’ve caught our post last week chattin’ it up about the new Twisted Root Burger Co. coming to Winter Park like…now (tomorrow, officially)! If you did – chances are you’re still thinking about it and quite possibly even still drooling about it. If you didn’t – well, here is the link again – and you’re doubly rewarded because over the weekend we got to check out a sneak peek of the goods and caught some fresh pics.

And y’all – this place isn’t technically even open and it is DELISH!

The outside is super-cute, although gets a little lost in the cookie cutter shopping strip of America. But the wood treatment and signage does its best to help guests locate it.

Once inside our group was graciously greeted and welcomed to the “sneak peak” dining experience. The inside has a ton of character and personality in everything from signage to menu to displays and seating. It really is a true dining experience.

When it comes to the food the website definitely does not represent. Between the three folks in our party we shared several of the mouthwatering burgers on the menu as well as some interesting and not-so-common side dishes.

I was really super-excited to try out the “Freedom Melt” as mentioned in the original post, and that I did. I was little nervous at first this particular location wouldn’t carry this item because the Twisted Root menu on their website notates it’s available in select locations only. Lucky for me the Winter Park store is a select location. The sandwich is a beef patty topped with brisket, cheddar cheese, fried onion strings, and Quincy’s BBQ sauce on TX toast. All I can is YUM! The burger portion was cooked to perfection (unless otherwise requested the meat is prepared medium), and the onion rings add a nice extra touch and texture. There are tomatoes that come on the sandwich which I thought was a bit of a strange touch (I don’t like tomatoes; I removed them). And the fries that accompanied the sandwich were πŸ‘ŒπŸ½. Side note: The sides are your choice. I went with fries knowing others in my group were selecting different sides to share.

Some of the other dishes to land on our table were the “Freshman 15” and the “All American.” The former was equally as delicious as the “Freedom Melt” if not better. A fried egg sitting atop the meat added the perfect flavor to the dish, and the french fries included (on the burger) made for an extra pop of salty goodness.

One thing I’ll add that was just totally above here were the fried green beans n’ carrots, which is one of the “side” options. We’ve never had fried green beans and they were absolutely delicious – juicy and filled with flavor, and just the right amount of salt.

One of the things I noticed during my dining experience here (I don’t recall if anyone specifically mentioned this during our ordering process) is the condiments are custom-made for Twisted Root. We tried the ancho chipotle ketchup and it is most definitely something to write home about. With even a tinge of spice to it. Can we buy some, please?!

Custom-made Condiments

One of the things everyone’s raving about and we didn’t have full knowledge of before visiting are the pickles. Pickles and pickles and pickles for miles. Ok – that’s not true. There’re really only a few barrels full of ’em, but that’s still a lotta pickles. Don’t believe us? ‡️

Those are all pickle chips marinated in different flavors, like atomic, sweet & spicy, and ranch to name a few. Would you like to try any–or all–of them?

A couple of things we did not try during this specific visit were the shakes or any of the specialty fry dishes. Oh – or the bar (there’s a full bar immediately to the left of the main entrance). Had to save a little something to make it worth coming back for….

All-in-all Twisted Root is most definitely worth a visit for anyone who a) loves hamburgers and b) doesn’t want to go for the “status quo” and is interested in somethingΒ  a little bit different. My only beef (yup – totally went there!) with the place–and it’s a personal one because of where I live–is the location. It’s a bit of a trek for us living in the downtown Orlando area, where this location is far down Aloma toward east Orlando. It doesn’t make the journey not worth it, it’s just not very likely we’ll make it out that way too terribly often.

Again, here are the location deets:

Twisted Root Burger Co.
4270 Aloma Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32792

What do ya think: Will you pay a visit to this new burger joint in Winter Park?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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