City PUB in North Quarter Downtown Orlando

I’m a downtown Orlando resident. So I’m always excited and particularly encouraged when a new food place opens up. Some make it, some don’t. Some even make it for quite some time and then decide to call it quits. So I’m really, really hoping the best for North Quarter’s City PUB. Sure – it’s been open for some time now (a little less than a year) but I figure at this point they’re going to stick around for a little bit, which as a downtown resident and property owner I’m really, really hoping this will bring more folks to the area.

City PUB resides in the same space where North Quarter Tavern used to live, right next to Reyes Mezcaleria.

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 5.12.54 PM
(Pic via Instagram.com/CityPubOrl.)

Now the inside most definitely has a sports pub design aesthetic. With a little wine vibe thrown in.

I’ve been to City PUB three times now and have to say I’m just not overly impressed. Granted it’s terribly convenient to where I live, so popping in from time-to-time just makes sense. And the two meals I’ve had there have been decent – not good, but decent – but honestly for the money it should be much better.

On the first excursion I opted for the Cottage Pie (i.e., “Shepherd’s Pie“) which was actually pretty good. There’s obviously quite a bit of cheese added to the dish (I didn’t mind one single bit) and the one thing I really liked about this dish, particular–and it’s definitely something that sets this place apart from others–is the meat in the pic was tiny pieces of steak, as opposed to ground meat. I would most certainly order that again. My dinner companion selected the grilled salmon main dish and the feedback on that was it was dry and didn’t have much flavor. It also appears the asparagus was really overcooked and quite limp.

On my second visit with food I went with something from the “Burgers & Such” section of the menu: A chicken sandwich (not pictured) which was fairly good, but not $12 good.

Here’s their (current) menu if you wanna take a peek at what they have to offer: City PUB menu.

In addition to the food and drinks (they have regular happy hour deals), there are also events like trivia that happen throughout the month:


Location deets:

City PUB
860 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Have you ever been in to City PUB? If so, what was your experience like? If you’ve never been and would like to learn more about it, check out their website and (for some history) the not-updated blog.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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