The Starving Artist Food Truck

“Now serving in Orlando! Hand-crafted burgers and quesadillas, with a side of local art!”

If you know of The Starving Artist Food Truck or have even run into them (probably not the best description given they’re a vehicle!) at a local event, then you know these words totally ring true. It’s like art on wheels – both literally and in their delicious food.

The Starving Artist Food Truck

Now I’ve encountered The Starving Artist a couple of times at events in the College Park neighborhood. Their truck is very colorful, which makes it both eye catching and also wanting to know more about it. So once you give in to the curiosity and head over to check out the menu you’ll most definitely be glad you did. WARNING: The menu for this baby is quite extensive. So the food selection is something of the most difficult part.

The Starving Artist Food Truck Menu

After ordering (more on food in just a bit) while you’re waiting you can check out some of the artwork done by local artists on the bus.


And one of my favorite things is the pager:


Now when it comes to providing any sort of recommendations or even wide variety of experiences from me, I can only offer up one thing: “The tots.” AKA, The Chihuly. The dish is delicious tater tots loaded with cheddar, sour cream, and center-cut bacon.

The Starving Artist Food Truck travels, obviously, so there are no specific location deets to share here. That said, you can always connect with them on Facebook to check in about upcoming appearances around town.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.44.06 AM
(Photo via @dirtypourproject on Instagram.)

Have you ever had anything from The Starving Artist?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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