Vinny & Kory Phở Wheels Food Truck: A Tasty Ride

Food truck over here.
Food truck over there.
Here a truck; there a truck. Everywhere we look a truck…and we like it!

One that we’ve yet to try out and, honestly, hadn’t even heard of we recently caught Vinny & Kory at Castle Church Brewing during an event. If you’re a fan of Phở – heck, if you’re simply a fan of food – then you must check this food truck out sometime.

Now if you’ve never been to Castle Church Brewing in southeast Orlando, you definitely should, and you can read about our very first visit here. And then you should know they have a relatively large concrete slab (as noted in pic just below) where food trucks can gather, and patrons can sit when the weather is amenable.

Vinny & Kory definitely bring something a little different to the Central Florida food truck scene, in my opinion. Sure – there are similar vendors out there, and those that I’ve tried have all been good. Like their limited specials, all of which–ok, most of which–I’d love to have tried on this visit but couldn’t. ⤵️

All of these are in addition to the staples appearing on the V&K menu:


After mulling over that menu for just a bit I decided to land on the Bimibap dish – first on the list! I’m a big fan of Korean beef and always love me some rice, so it seemed like a win/win to me.

Korean Style Rice Bowl with Beef

And it definitely was a solid choice! I have to say this particular dish was so savory. There wasn’t an ounce of dryness to the meat, and all of the veggies were seasoned quite nicely (but no too salty). The egg added a nice texture to the rest of the dish. There was a sauce that accompanied the order but I opted to not even try it.

I addition to this dish the table also enjoyed some chicken dumplings which were most definitely tasty (hot when first delivered), and a KFC Bao.

Got your interest piqued? I can imagine so.

Obviously the menu could change at any given time, so if you’re heading out to a specific location for a very specific dish be sure to reach out to Vinny & Kory directly ahead of time. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Have ever gotten food from Vinny & Kory Food Truck? If so, what did you think?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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