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img_1321Ivanhoe Park Brewing is a relatively new neighbor in Ivanhoe Village. If you’ve not yet heard of it or aren’t even aware of where it is, you might even miss it while doing a drive-by in the hood. This brewery is located just off of Orange Avenue on the train tracks behind The Hammered Lamb. I popped in not too terribly long ago on a little min-brew hop (no pun intended). First and foremost, I love the location of this place. It’s convenient to where I live and completely bikeable/walkable, but it’s also nestled back in its own little area so it’s off the beaten path.

When you pull up there is a (somewhat) small parking lot, and there’s also parking along the streets – although I’m sure once The Yard opens that might get more and more limited. And if you do decide to ride a bike there are bike racks available, and of course you can simply leave your rented bike out front if you’ve chosen to utilize a bike share.

Ivanhoe Park Brewery is relatively small – one open area with some seating both around the bar and at some scattered tables, and an outdoor area for guests to enjoy…if not too overwhelmed with the heat (it’ll be great once things cool off). Just as a quick side note, this place is dog-friendly both in the main room and outdoors; there were a couple of doggies there when I visited. And if you’re coming to hang out for an extended period of time there are also games up for grabs (Connect Four compliments a beer flight quite well!).

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 9.08.21 AM
Image via IvanhoeParkBrew.com.

Now moving on to what folks come here for: The beer. IPB has their core brews (i.e., their very own beers), year-round beers, and then special releases which I imagine are more like seasonal options. After spending a little bit of time with the beer menu I ended up going with a flight, which always seems like a great choice when checking out a new place for the first time. Or if you’re like me and just really enjoy the taste of beer and want to try a variety. My picks were: the Weisse; Toboggan Blonde Ale; Silo Double IPA; and the Miss American Rye.


Beer flight.


PRO TIP:Β Order some Parmesan Truffle Popcorn as a little snack to go with your beer. You will not regret it (and might even want to order an extra to take home with you).


If you wanna keep up with all things related to Ivanhoe Park Brewing you can stalk them at the following places:

🍺 Ivanhoe Park Brewing Facebook
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🍺 Ivanhoe Park Brewing Twitter
🍺 Ivanhoe Park Brewing Untappd
🍺 Ivanhoe Park Brewing Vimeo (video)

They’ve also got a great calendar of events so you can keep up with everything happening on-site in the coming months. Oh, and another thing to note: They have some pretty cool merch. Looks like the “shop” on their site isn’t quite up yet but you can see what they have to offer inside the brewery.

Location deets:

Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company
1300 Alden Road
Orlando, FL 32803

Have you been in to Ivanhoe Park Brewery for a brew?

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