The Dirty Pour Project is Dirty Fun

We always knew there were some folks here in Central Florida who like getting a little dirty, but this is for sure a new one! Have you ever heard of The Dirty Pour Project? We’d not until recently – and to be honest with you, can’t even recall where or how. So in doing a little research about this really cool local concept we uncovered the following:

The Dirty Pour Project is a social painting event that walks guests through the process of creating a beautiful piece of art using the fluid painting technique. (no artistic skills necessary.. just a relaxing, creative and fun time for everyone) – TheDirtyPourProject.com

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 2.01.01 PM
(via @DirtyPourProject on Instagram)

We like the part about art.
We like the part about relaxing.
We see drinks are involved (most definitely like that part).
And by the looks of the photo above we can see there is the possibility of food being involved (i.e., Starving Artist Food Truck).

So it really sounds like a win/win kinda event.

Now while this most definitely looks like an events that’s fun and chill, there’s also some learning and real craftwork being taught: “…we teach the abstract, fluid painting (dirty pour) technique. With over 25 color options to choose from, you will create a completely original piece of art.”

The Dirty Pour Project holds both public and private events at a cost, and a handful of upcoming local events are already on their schedule. The soonest being tomorrow at Orlando Brewing:

You can purchase tickets here (not an affiliate link). And if you want to check out some of the pics from previous events to get an idea of what this is all about, visit the gallery section on DirtyPourProject.com.

Have you ever attended any of these events in the past? What did ya think?

🎨 🎨 🎨

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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