Joysticks Arcade Lounge in Downtown Orlando

UPDATE 10/31/20: Several local news and information sources have reported Joysticks has permanently closed as a result of challenges associated with the Coronavirus. Big bummer. Guess we’ll have to get our game on somewhere else.


Grab A Drink And Press Play!


This is the proclamation posted on the Joysticks Orlando’s website. And I love it because that literally embodies what this place is all about.

Playful bar at Joysticks.

We should never stop playing. As children, as teens. Even as adults. Let me repeat: WE SHOULD NEVER STOP PLAYING, even as adults.

So a “video game bar” is just the perfect way to perpetuate this idea and keep it alive. Sure having old school video games in a bar isn’t groundbreaking or innovative, by any means – they’ve been around for years. And some folks may not necessarily drink and for that a traditional video arcade might be a better fit. But to that, Joysticks Arcade Lounge Retro Bar in downtown Orlando is a great way to spend an afternoon or weekend evening.

Joysticks has occupied its space in an upstairs unit on be corner of Pine Street and Magnolia for several years now. Heading through the main entrance and up to the second floor, guests will find a huge loft-like space with a bar in the far lefthand corner and vintage video games like Ms. Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong and more around the perimeter. In the middle are a couple of air hockey tables if that strikes your fancy.

Here’s a look around:

Now while we’ve been to Joysticks a couple of times over the past few years we’ve never been when it’s super busy (quite intentional). The times we’ve popped in there’s been a decent crowd but nothing that would be too overwhelming or “packed.” Something to consider if you want to check it out sometime.

Location deets:

Joysticks Orlando
69 East Pine Street
2nd Floor
Orlando, FL 32801

Have you ever popped in to Joysticks for a couple of games and drinks or a late night hang?

🎮 🎮 🎮

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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