Insomnia Cookies Feeds Late-Night Cravings (All Day, Too)!

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Got your attention, didn’t it! Sure, we coulda left off the milk part, for sure (does anybody actually drink milk?), but it seems to be a natural fit for some when it comes to cookies.

Tasty Cookie Treats @ Insomnia Cookies.

So we’re here to talk about Insomnia Cookies. They look delish, don’t they? Now, there are several reasons someone might be craving delicious cookies into the wee hours of the morning (do with that what you will). Me? Well, I crave sugar all day long. But others might have another position to take. Whatever the reason, Insomnia Cookies has carved out a little niche for themselves in late-night cookie selling and deliveries (yes – if you have cravings and don’t even want to leave your home you don’t have to).

They offer customers standards like chocolate chip (they call theirs Chocolate Chunk), classic with M&Ms, snickerdoodle (one of my personal faves), sugar, and much more.


My all-time favorite cookies both here and at similar bakery eateries has got to be a cookie sandwich. At Insomnia it’s called the Bigwich and was one among several I went with on this particular recent visit.

“Bigwich” via InsomniaCookies.com.

Check out the Insomnia Cookies menu for a full viewing of all of their tasty treats.

Insomnia has two locations in the Central Florida area: One in downtown Orlando right on Orange Avenue, and one just near the University of Central Florida in east Orlando.

Downtown Orlando location deets:

Insomnia Cookies
131 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Orlando East/UCF location deets:

Insomnia Cookies
12101 University Blvd., Suite 225
Orlando, FL 32817

And if you have an upcoming celebration or special event, Insomnia offers gift cards and shipping options*. It’d be a nice little “hey, I’m celebrating you” for someone’s birthday (mine’s in March – hint, hint).

PRO TIP: If you have an order shipped you can track it via InsomniaCookies.com.

Have you ever had Insomnia Cookies before? If so, were they in person or delivery?


*None are affiliate links but simply convenience clicks over to Insomnia’s website.

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