Tori Tori in Mills 50: A Japanese Pub


The much-anticipated Tori Tori in the Mills 50 District might be being coined as a Japanese pub (their words), and while there are certain aspects of it that are a nod to that in aesthetics and cuisine, there’s so much more to the place.

“a neighborhood bar in the mills50 district with a focus on classic cocktails, yakitori, and handies.” – @ToriToriPub Instagram

I had a chance to check out Tori Tori last night during their soft preview and I have to say this place is going to kill it. No doubt about it. It’s a fantastic location basically lodged in between downtown Orlando and Winter Park (and other smaller neighborhoods) so that alone will appeal to lots of folks. It’s also a sister establishment to Domu which is loved and adored by so many (i.e., built-in audience). It’s different than anything in Orlando right now that I’m familiar with in that it is a bar with delicious, somewhat upscale bites. And, it’s pretty!

The exterior of the building is pretty impressive. At least in the evening (see intro pic). And it’s a definite standout among the other businesses in the area. Once inside the front door guests will find the bar is at the heart of the building, and it’s an understatedly impressive one at that.

So one of the interesting things about Tori Tori, and most definitely something you should be aware of prior to going, is there is no table service. Now or in the future. What? But you said there’s food there! Well, yes – there is food. But all of the food is ordered through the bartenders at the bar, along with their extensive selection of cocktails. So while you can choose to keep a seat at the bar and enjoy your drinks and eats, if you opt to hang out elsewhere you keep a number with you and your order is delivered to your location.

To start out the evening I enjoyed a delicious handcrafted cocktail named “the floral.” Sure – it’s not very pretty, but it tastes quite picturesque.

“the floral” – roku Japanese gin, club soda, floral notes of lavender, coriander, and rose
Tori Tori Cocktails

And as far as food is concerned there are a few standout items on the menu…which also just happened to be what my party ordered to enjoy.

yakitori tenderloin

  • yakitori tsukune (meatball)
  • kushiyaki revier prime-grade beef
  • okonoiyaki
  • tempura corn
  • salmon handie

The food is tapas style, obviously, so it’s great to be shared among a group. The recommendation is about five dishes, and you can always order more if still hungry.

Tori Tori Bites

As mentioned previously, Tori Tori is currently in the process of getting everything “ironed out” before opening. According to the bartender we spoke with that’s being targeted for later this month.

PRO TIP: Be sure to walk around and really check the place out. Details were definitely paid attention to. Even down to the bathrooms (have no doubt the @TheShittyBeautiful is going to love these!). Why, yes – yes that is a soccer ball and goal at the bottom of the urinal. Because peeing should be fun.

And one thing that always impresses me–perhaps it’s not really that “thoughtful” but I’d like to think it is–is when a restaurant or bar provides under-bar hooks for purses/bags/jackets. It really is a convenience for customers.

What do you think?

The Tori Tori website isn’t up yet in its full capacity, but if you want you can connect with them on Facebook and Instagram as well. They really, really quick to respond via FB Messenger if you happen to have any questions about their business.

Location deets:

Tori Tori
720 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32803

Are you looking forward to seeing what Tori Tori is all about for yourself?

🍸 🍸 🍸

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