The Great Escape Estate Parkside “Fun Mansion”

You guys. How are we only just now learning about this amazing “escape room” house located near Clermont? It’s a mansion essentially out in the middle of nowhere (Lake County) on a “compound” featuring waterslide, human bowling, human whack-a-mole, two escape rooms, a laser maze, a movie theater, the “world’s largest printed maze,” a karaoke stage, and an arcade. TALK ABOUT THE ULTIMATE SLEEPOVER!


Officially known as The Great Escape Estate Parkside, this unique tourist and local attraction is not far from Central Florida at all. Not gonna lie, though: It looks just a tad creepy. Like the kinda place you need to let all your family and friends know exactly when you’re visiting, and exactly when you’re leaving just so they know you’re…well, safe. But perhaps that’s the point? This private estate is available for rental for large groups – you’d have to have a large group because the place sleeps up to 54 folks and, well that ain’t cheap! Every room in the vacation rental is themed to either a classic board game, video game or game show, with which the estate creators claim to have no affiliation with.

Is your interest just a little peaked? Here’s a little more of an overview (courtesy of The Great Escape Parkside’s official website):

So you have some questions about this place, right? Us, too. So we did a little digging around their website and found a section about 20 questions you might have about this place. Things like “Is this appropriate for small children?” and “How much does it cost?” and “Is it pet-friendly?” All very fair and valid inquiries.

Want to get a little more in-depth peek at what this experience would look like for you and your crew? Check out some of pics featured on The Great Escape Parkside Instagram. (Side note: Their IG hasn’t been updated in about five months)

Location deets:

The Great Escape Parkside
12270 E. Redwing Road
Groveland, FL 34736

So…who wants to go?βœ‹πŸ½

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