Get “Toasted” in Winter Park

Toasted entrance.

Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese? Nobody I’ve ever encountered. Whether it harkens glorious days of childhood, or simply comforts on a chilly, rainy day – a grilled cheese sandwich just feels like spending time with an old friend. So when I learned about an eatery that specializes in different types of grilled cheese goodness I asked “what time and what day?”

The place in mention is Toasted, and they have multiple locations in the Central Florida area (I quickly learned while researching for this).

“Toasted is an experience based, fast casual brand focused on elevating a classic American sandwich – the grilled cheese. Born in Winter Park, Florida, the concept offers crafted grilled cheese & burgers made with premium, locally sourced ingredients that are always prepared in house.” – IGetToasted.com

One of the things I both appreciate and makes Toasted a fun dining experience is the theming of the dining room. For instance, the “periodic table of cheese” located on one of the main walls is not only clever, it’s also very engaging, helps customers connect with the “brand”, and it’s just entertaining.

Periodic Table of Cheese

The opposite wall to the PToC is pretty much a “cheese wall.” In a lego-like fashion the material is similar to the texture of a cheese, thereby continuing on the theme of the entire outfit.


Now, let’s get down to the real reason we’re all here: The food. The grilled cheese. To get toasted! I have to say I was really impressed not only with the variety of the items on the menu, but the taste of the food itself.

The Toasted Menu.

I’m fairly adventurous when it comes to food–I’ll pretty much try anything once–but this time opted to stay pretty basic with my choice. I went with “the pizza” which was the special that day. So chances are if you’re headed in to try this bad boy out if likely won’t be available (you could always call and check). That said, “the pizza” is pretty much what you would imagine: Delicious cheese, pepperoni, light marinara sauce and scrumptious bread. One of the things which was by far my favorite thing about the experience were the truffle fries, which are comprised of truffle oil & fresh rosemary. Just a nice little shake up to the normal french fry companion.



When it comes to other grilled cheese items on the menu there’s definitely many opportunities to go back and try more. A few that area featured on the menu I’m looking forward to are:

Among others….

Another thing worth nothing is, aside from those tasty truffle fries I told you about, the other sides sound quite appetizing. There’s mac & cheese (always a winner!), roasted tomato soup, and traditional fries. You should also note there are burgers available as menu items.

Of course by now you’ve fallen madly in love with Toasted because it’s a fun theme and the food is delish. So you’ll want to connect with them on all things Social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter), sharing every bit of your experience in hopes you’ll be featured in return.

Location deets:

1945 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792

As I mentioned earlier there are additional locations in Central Florida: Lake Nona, East Orlando/UCF, and Windermere.

Have you ever been to one of the Toasted restaurants? If so, how was your experience?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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