One Million LEGOs Bar Comes to Orlando

Did you spend countless hours playing with LEGOs when you were growing up? Creating majestic buildings and one-of-a-kind homes nobody could possibly ever live in? No? Just us? Welp, if you did or if you simply just have an affinity for this classic toy then you’re probably going to get amped for a new “LEGOs” pop-up bar coming to Orlando next summer.

“The Brick Bar” is – you guessed it – a bar made of LEGOs. I mean, you pretty much had us sold at this. It’s been popping up in a handful of cities across the United States and Canada. And there aren’t many details about “The Brick Bar” other than it will be getting stacked in town in mid-June and will have LEGO-inspired drinks and food (huh?!) and games.

The appropriately titled “Brick Bar” will be open in Orlando June 13 and 14 and will include DJs, an adult ball pit (ick), LEGO sculptures and fountains, ping-pong on a LEGO table, and 22,000 bricks available for you to build whatever you can muster.

“This Pop-Up, is the first of its kind and will consist of over 1 million blocks, transported and assembled into the ultimate nostalgia trip. The bar will feature sculptures made completely from building blocks as well as an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations. There will also be local DJ’s spinning tunes all day.”

Besides LEGO-inspired drinks and food, guests can also expect plenty of prizes and LEGO-related competitions.

As mentioned earlier,  several cities like Denver, Cincinnati, New York City, Toronto, Houston, Los Angeles and Vancouver have already had the pleasure (let’s hope) of experiencing this this LEGO-themed bar. If you know anyone who lives in any of these you should ask them about it.

ALL WE GOTTA SAY: “We’re in!” The actual Orlando location has yet to be announced but if you visit The Brick Bar website you can sign up to receive updates and alerts about the pop-up via email. We did and will certainly post anything exciting we learn about here.

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