Mesa 21 in Ivanhoe Village Says “Adios!”

Another one bites the flan…. Or something like that.

When it was originally announced Mexican concept restaurant Mesa 21 would be taking up house in what I think is one of the most amazing spaces in Central Florida along Lake Ivanhoe, I was pretty excited. The spot on North Orange Avenue in the super-hip Ivanhoe Village is a great location, it’s got gorgeous views of water, and we really needed a Mexican eatery with good food in the area (we now have Reyes not too far in North Quarter). That said, once I actually went and gave the place a try…well, let’s say I’m just not surprised it’s now closed.

Mesa 21 exterior, via Google.

I gave the restaurant a try not too long after it made its initial opening, with a group of folks in celebration of a birthday. The staff didn’t really have their “stuff” together and the food was meh. That’s ok – having just opened I thought “That’s kinda understandable and I’m willing to come back later and give it another shot.” So that’s just what I did. Over a year later. And the staff still didn’t have their “stuff” together and the food was even less than meh. I decided then and there I would not return. If I wanted better food in the Mexican genre there are a handful of better options in the area.

So what’s next for this prime piece of property in this hot neighborhood of Ivanhoe Village? Well according to an article we recently ran across on OrlandoWeekly.com, Mesa21 recently brought on PopTop Partners LLC which own and operate Local Butcher & Market and The Porch in Winter Park, as restaurant operators. I’m definitely eager to see what happens and I like The Porch for what it is, but I just hope Ivanhoe Village isn’t on the fast track to becoming frat party central (see Lucky Lure).

I guess it’s safe to say Mesa 21 says “¡Adios!”.

Location deets:

Mesa 21
1414 North Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32804

Did you ever dine at Mesa 21? If so, what was/were your experience(s) like?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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