P is for Pie Bakeshop in Audubon Park Bakery


If you don’t know by now I have a severe, severe sweet tooth appreciation for the sweet things in life. It might be candy. It might be cookies. It’s quite often cake. And on the reg it’s doughnuts. Should I enroll in a support group to get some help for this? Well, I don’t technically see a problem so….

When I finally took the time to visit P is for Pie bakery shop in the Audubon Park neighborhood after years and years of hearing about it, I knew I’d found my little slice of heaven here in Central Florida. If you’ve been before then you totally know what I’m referring to (and I’m happy to share my heaven with you).

P is for Pie Store Exterior

“P is for Pie Bake Shop is a small batch artisan bakery specializing in sweet and savory pies and variations of pies, cakes, cookies, etc. Everything is made from scratch, by hand, incorporating natural, seasonal and local ingredients to every extent possible. Whole pies, small pies, and cinnamon rolls are available on a first come first serve basis on Fridays and Saturdays.” – CrazyForPies.com

⬆️ That pretty much sells it all, doesn’t it? Sure, in addition to all of those sweet treats mentioned above there are “savory items” like bbq beef brisket, chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie and more (all of which I will be trying at some point in the future), but the sugary goods are exactly what I visited this little neighborhood joint for. Here’s a little peek of what you might find if you walk through the front door of P is for Pie Bake Shop:


Drooling yet? See what I’m talking about now being heaven? Like what you see but want to check things out before hopping in the car and heading over to the store? Well “know before you go” by visiting the menu on the Pie is for Pie website. And if you’d like to see more by way of pics go here.


A couple of things to note before making the trek for your visit:

  • The store is not open on Sunday, and is open all other days until 4:30pm but may close prior if they sell out of product.
  • Those savory items mentioned earlier on? If you’re interested in those be aware they are a minimum of one dozen per flavor and you must allow 72 hours for them. Get more info on the P is for Pie website or by calling the store at 407.745.4643.

And before you go can I just tell you what my favorite thing in the shop was/is? This little baby right here:

Chocolate Chip Whoopie

I only got one because, well…I wanted to take it home with me and I’m a big believer in monogamy. I don’t like to share. Plus if I’m completely being honest with you I knew if I brought more than one home I’d ended up indulging in each and every single one in one sitting. So…it’s really not about monogamy at all (although I still stand firm in my not being a sharer). And how good did it look when it finally made it home?!

Location deets:

P is for Pie
2806 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Are you one of those folks who has visited this little piece of heaven here in Central Florida? If so, what do you love most about it?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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