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Who doesn’t love a good deal? βœ‹ I sure do. And if you didn’t know we kinda have the mecca of good deals right in our own backyard. If you’ve taken a visit to Avalon Exchange in Winter Park you’re definitely missing out.


One of the things I really like about Avalon is their use of Social Media to highlight and promote their products and deals. Specifically Instagram. Once featured, fans/customers can reserve the product by calling the store and putting a hold on the item(s). In fact, they can even be purchased at that time. I recently acquired this awesome pair of Adidas just that very way (couldn’t believe they were still in the store when I dropped by).


Now shopping at a consignment store can be a bit overwhelming so you have to be ready and willing to spend some time “sifting.” But if you’re game you will undoubtedly come across some bomb deals. Here’s a peek inside (if you’ve never been):


How to sell.

Think these guys were excited about some of the deals they found?


Location deets:

Avalon Exchange
745 North Orange Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

Have you ever been to Avalon Exchange in Winter Park? Tell us about some of the great deals you found!

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