Proper & Wild in Winter Park

From the folks who brought you The Sanctum comes a new restaurant with Proper & Wild. This new restaurant located just off of Park Avenue in Winter Park is quaint, quiet, and we recently headed over there with a few friends before catching a show downtown at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Proper & Wild Entrance

Proper & Wild is a chef-driven, plant-centric concept eatery that’s both welcoming and quaint to those entering its doors. The bar area, in particular, is quite amazing.


While the main dining area is a tad small, there are many tables that fit nicely to allow for ample seating. There are also table peppered around the outside perimeter for additional seating. While my group and I did arrive for a somewhat early meal (around 5:30pm) we did notice the place filled up very quickly over the following hour. Might be something to consider when planning your visit.

Now on to the food.

Dinner Menu

My clan ordered a bunch of different items for sharing. I, in particular, ordered a couple of smaller dishes–which ended up being too much and I had plenty to take home later–and both were phenomenal. I went with the kimchi brussels and a half cauliflower. Both were incredibly flavorful, and the brussels had a major kick which left a bit of a fire in my mouth afterward…but not in a bad way.

Proper & Wild offers brunch, lunch, and dinner meals, which different menus for each. And also keep in mind they could change at any time.

This location has housed several different concepts which, obviously, haven’t lasted. Here’s hoping P&W can find a long-lasting home here.

Location deets:

Proper & Wild
155 East Morse Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Have you had an opportunity to check out Proper & Wild in Winter Park yet?

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