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Bridlewood Ranch in Clermont

I don’t make it out to the Clermont area too terribly often. I have a couple of friends who live in Winter Garden so that’s about as close as I usually get. It’s a bit of a trek and there’s not much happening there that directly affects my life. So I’m always curious about things that are going on there. When I found out a good friend of mine (one of those said friends who resides in WG) was getting married there, at a placed called Bridlewood Ranch, a couple of weeks ago I was most excited.


So on the day of the big event I met up with a friend and fellow wedding guest (another who lives in WG) and we rode out to the venue together. Now let’s just say this place is a little far. So far, in fact, we sorta thought we were lost and heading in the wrong direction. But I was totally digging the journey regardless.

Turning down a dirt road made us very, very skeptical that we were on the right path….


The road to Bridelwood.

But then we caught site of some other humans and ended up being confronted with this – so we knew we were in the correct place.


Once we arrived at the destination and parked our car we headed down the “nature trail” to the area where the couple would be swapping their vows. The area was gorgeous, hugging a small lake and shaded by large trees.

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As with any great wedding we stuck around for a catered dinner and cake, followed by some dancing. All of this took place in a barn, covered with bartenders and bathrooms (hey – you know people expect both!). PRO TIP: Although this area is covered it’s still succeptable to bugs once the sun goes down. Just be aware of this if you’re going to be at an event after dark.

And of course along with the food and drinks there was dancing. And sparklers. Lots and lots of dancing, and lots of sparklers.

All-in-all this ended up being an incredibly festive evening at an incredibly charming, secluded place. I would most definitely enjoy attending another event here and would certainly recommend it as a consideration for anyone looking for a space for an upcoming event. PRO TIP: Stay away if planning an event during any of the hot, hot humid summer months. Candidly, I would hate to attend an event here during any of those months. It just would not be pleasant.

Location deets:

Bridlewood Ranch
10905 Guilford Road
Minneola, FL 34715

Are you familiar with this venue? Have you ever been to an event at Bridlewood Ranch?

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  • Elaine
    Tuesday, 13 August 2019

    No need to worry about hot humid months any longer. This beautiful space now has a complete ac option to keep you very cool 🙂

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