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Guys, I try to eat decent whenever given the opportunity. I seriously, seriously do. Granted – I have my weaknesses. But I actually enjoy eating most healthy foods so that’s a good thing. And not too terribly long ago I was introduced to Fresh Kitchen, a New York-bred restaurant that believes in serving fresh, high quality ingredients that NOURISH and energize your body.

Fresh Kitchen kitchen currently has two (2) locations in the Central Florida area: SoDo District and Waterford Lakes and SoDO. I’ve been to both, with the Waterford Lakes restaurant being my first adventure (the SoDo location is still somewhat new).

Before we get to the food let me say one of the things I love most about the Fresh Kitchen brand is their flavor of positivity and affirmation…which extends well beyond their food. Throughout the restaurant’s dining room and even into the restroom areas are messages and sayings that remind patrons just how amazing they all are. You, me…WE! Things like “You are beautiful” and such. We’ll take it, right?!

Why, thank you!
Bathroom Affirmations

Ok. So we all feel really good now, right? Let’s move on to the actual tasty stuff: The Food. While I’ve been to eat at Fresh Kitchen several times, as mentioned earlier, I’ve never really strayed too far from the dishes I know and love. I’ve tried chicken once but have to say my very favorite and go-to dish is pretty much this one:

  • kale slaw
  • romaine salad
  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • herb grilled steak
  • teriyaki chicken
Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 8.42.34 AM
” Six Bowl”

With the way the Fresh Kitchen menu is set up, though, the options are many. I’m really doing myself a disservice by not trying other items. For individuals a couple of great options are the “four bowl” and “six bowl” dishes. Each of these contain two “bases” which could be rice, quinoa, spinach, noodles, or similar. (PRO TIP: The quinoa and kale slaw are a good combo.) Along with that are veggie and protein options along with a sauce topping. In addition to these there also seem to be some fantastic offerings for larger groups like a family or friend outing.

Like I mentioned earlier Fresh Kitchen kitchen currently has two (2) locations in the Central Florida area:

Image: SoDo location, courtesy of EatFreshKitchen.com.

Location deets:

Fresh Kitchen – SoDo
2855 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, Florida 32806

Fresh Kitchen – Waterford Lakes
851 N. Alafaya
Orlando, FL 32828

Who says #healthy eating can’t be good (and fun!)? Have you been to eat at any of the Central Florida Fresh Kitchen locations?

And if you love it so much and want to keep up with all things Fresh Kitchen check it:

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