The Van Cam: The Best Booth on Wheels

Have you ever caught up with The Van Cam? If you’ve been out at an event in Central Florida anytime in the recent past chances are it’s been there – even though you might not have noticed it. “The Van Cam is Central Florida’s BEST VW Photobooth,” according to their own website. As far as I’m aware they are the only VW Photobooth in the Central Florida area, but hey – that’s something they can own in the market!
I became aware of The Van Cam as a presence in Orlando about a year ago, but only saw them IRL for the first time at a College Park event over the holidays. Needless to say it was love at first sight. What I mean by this, really, is I always love and admire unique ideas or things people are doing differently in the area. To-date, I’m unfamiliar with anyone else locally offering photo ops inside of a vehicle. 😁

I then went to an Orlando Bloggers event shortly after that and had the opportunity to get involved with TVC in my own way:

So this is cool, right? But you’re probably thinking what does it really mean for you? Well, first of all if you’re at an event and you spot TVC you and your friends can snag some pretty rad pics. That’s a no-brainer. But it’s also something to consider for special events like meetups, weddings, arts & crafts festivals, and maybe even business functions (annual meetings, brainstorms, etc.).

The van offers a full surround-sound system, spinning disco ball, studio lighting, props galore, and on-the-spot printing. If you wanna check out all of the features and benefits offered for potential events you can visit The Van Cam’s bio. Can you tell I’m a fan (and this is not a paid endorsement at all)?

Interested in learning more about The Van Cam and how it came to be? Check out the bio page on their website. But one thing you should know for sure is…

The Van Cam is more than just a photobooth, it’s a party on wheels!

So keep an eye out next time you’re at a food truck event, arts & crafts festival, or…well, who knows where!

You can follow The Van Cam here:

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