Craft & Common in Downtown Orlando

There’s definitely no shortage of coffee options to choose from here in Central Florida. Over the past few years coffee shops have popped up all over the area, in locations like College Park, Winter Park, The Hourglass District, and downtown Orlando. Craft & Common near Lake Eola park is one of those recently appearing on the scene…and quickly garnering a loyal following.

I recently popped in to meet up with a friend of mine for some coffee and conversation. If you haven’t been before here’s what you can expect upon entering:

“Store” area.

So once guests have entered and had an opportunity to absorb the absolute cuteness and “welcoming” atmosphere, they can order at a counter from a variety of coffees, teas, and food options.

I was feeling something hot for this particular occasion and wanted to experiment with something a little different, so after spending about five minutes with the menu I landed on the Wild Child.

I really loved the flavor of the Wild Child to the very last drop, but there was something about the scent of the flower petals (which I’m sure are meant to complement the experience) as I went to take a sip that really threw me off. Didn’t hate it by any means but I would like ask the barista to keep these off if I ordered it again.

As I mentioned earlier Craft & Common offers coffee but also teas (hot and cold) as well as craft beer, wine, cocktails, sandwiches and snacks. Check out the full Craft & Common menu for a look at everything offered.

Location deets:

Craft & Common
47 E. Robinson Street, Suite 100
Orlando, FL  32801

PRO TIP: Craft & Common is a great consideration if you work remotely and aren’t into co-working spaces. There’s pretty ample seating; not about connectivity options (internet/wi-fi and actual outlets). I did notice things got rather busy around the lunchtime hour, so this might be something to take into consideration if you’re thinking about going to do some work here.

Have you had a chance to dip in to Craft & Common yet and give something a try?


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