1803 Pizza Kitchen in Audubon Park

img_8882.jpg Who doesn’t love a good neighborhood Italian dive? I certainly do, and 1803 Pizza Kitchen in Audubon Park is way more than a dive. It’s quite cute…and nice, actually (no dining room pics at this time).

I really only have a few go-to places when I’m craving pizza, and 1803 has quickly bumped its way up to the top of the list. Case-in-point when this recent craving was met like this:

Half pepperoni, half cheese (keeping it simple)
1/2 pepp, 1/2 cheese

On top of all of the pizzas offered the 1803 Pizza Kitchen menu is pretty diverse. There’s your standard items like pizza, pasta, etc. But one of the interesting things is the assortment of side items like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and seasonal veggies…along with robust “main dishes” like rotisserie chicken and four cheese mac (topped with toasted bread crumbs). Of course, I’ve never tried any of these other things because we’ve already talked about needing to meet the needs of my pizza cravings. But perhaps next time I’ll venture out and try something new….



I really like what from Lauren Delgado of Orlando Sentinel had to say about her experience:

1803 Pizza/Kitchen is the quintessential neighborhood pizzeria: a cozy, simple, family-owned eatery that shines when it comes to the pizza pies.

PRO TIP: Be sure to check out 1803’s website before planning your meals for the week or heading over to their restaurant. They tend to have some really awesome ‘daily specials’ like get half-off pizzas on Monday (with purchase of regular priced pizza), buy one/get one desserts on Wednesday, kids eat free on Sunday, and more.

Location deets:

1803 Pizza / Kitchen
1803 East Winter Park Road
Orlando, FL 32803

So – ever been to 1803 Pizza Kitchen in Audubon Park yourself? What are some of your favorites on the menu?

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