Get Up and Go Kayaking

I think everyone can pretty much agree it’s good every now and then to “get out there do a little something different,” right? (If not, you might wanna check yourself and ask yourself why!) And I’m always up for adventure if you know nothing else about me – love outdoors, being active, etc. So while searching for an Air B&B for some family in town I recently stumbled across a local company that offers clear kayaking in north Central Florida I knew I wanted to give it a go.

I’ve been kayaking at Wekiva several times and other nearby water, so was definitely not completely outside of my comfort zone. So my adventure buddy for the day and I headed up to Kelly Park / Rock Springs to meet up with Get Up And Go Kayaking.

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The journey clearly ahead.

This is actually the perfect time of year to go on a little adventure like this because it’s not yet too terribly hot, and not all of the “creatures” are out in plain site (then again, I’m not sure if it’s better to see or be unseen). Along the mile-long route we saw a handful of turtles enjoying both the sun and the quiet, and a couple of baby alligators (just fine with me…although we heard a couple of chatty fellas in the brush).

This adventure at Rock Springs is a little bit of a paddle upstream. Ok – it’s a pretty decent paddle upstream! I’m fairly strong in my upper body and I was welcoming each of the several breaks we had throughout the day. There are several deeper areas, actually, we all got out and took a quick rest whilst enjoying the amazing views surrounding us.


Now while it was a little effort getting to the halfway point that’s not to say it was too hard or not worth doing – just something to consider when selecting your kayak partner. The journey back to the launch site was way more enjoyable as the group pretty much flowed with the current we’d fought with on the way up. Definitely worth all of the effort!

Zoe hangs out and greets kayakers.

I would highly recommend taking an adventure with Get Up And Go Kayaking. Not only was it a pleasurable morning enjoying some of our local nature, the team seems very knowledgable about the Springs, the surrounding elements, and Florida. And our guide Austin was super-friendly and a pleasure to adventure with.

While there are a handful of locations, as I mentioned we were on the Rock Springs excursion. Here are all of them (details for each can be found on the Get Up And Go Kayaking website):

  • Rock Springs – Apopka, FL
  • Crystal River (Manatee Tours) – Crystal River, FL
  • Rainbow Springs – Dunnellon, FL
  • Bioluminescent – Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Titusville, FL
  • Winter Park (Sunset/Glow-In-The-Dark) – Winter Park, FL

Location deets:

Get Up and Go Kayaking
Kelly Park
400 East Kelly Park Road
Apopka, FL 32712

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