Land Rover of Orlando

This one’s a little outside of my wheelhouse. I wouldn’t normally talk about a car dealership or even shopping for a car here but it’s part of living in Central Florida, right? People do it every day. I mean, I was actually in the market for a new car recently but I am not–nor will I ever likely be–in a position to purchase a product from Land Rover. Having said that, it’s a heckuva lot of fun to shop around and pretend like I am!

A friend of mine called me up recently and said she’s looking around for a new car and asked if I’d like to come. Of course I will! She’s been talking about looking at a Range Rover for a bit so we went to Land Rover of Orlando to check things out. Plus, I’m always thinking about what could make some good blog content.

Land Rover Entrance and Lounge

Upon entering we were greeted by an eager yet unaggressive salesperson (named not mentioned to protect…well, his unawareness to this being shared). This in and of itself was quite refreshing. So my friend informed him of her interest in seeing a couple of vehicles, what for and how much…all that good stuff. Next I knew it we were off! Here are a few things in their inventory we checked out that day:


I didn’t honestly realize there were so many different products available under the Land Rover portfolio. We test drove two models and looked around the showroom at all of the available inventory. One of the things I thought was really cool, and certainly speaks to catering to its clientele by providing a nice experience while they way is a lounge area. You’d better believe I spent some time hanging around here. It comes stocked with ice cream, cookies, chips, coffee, and even a popcorn machine.

Overall it was an interestingly fun spur-of-the-minute excursion. It’s still yet to be determined whether or not my friend is going to “land” on one of these gems.

Location deets:

Land Rover Orlando
199 South Lake Destiny Drive
Orlando, FL 32810

Have you ever had a really pleasant car shopping or car buying experiencing in Orlando?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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