Pizza A Cone Food Truck

Yes, you guys. Pizza A Cone. It’s a pizza food truck. And the “pizzas” are wrapped in dough. Cone you even? (See what just happened there?)

I’ve been to a couple of events in the past few months where Pizza A Cone has had a presence. And I got items from them on both occasions. Sure – I keep it pretty basic. Like pepperoni and cheese. But they have other types of pizza dishes to offer as well.

This is what we had.

If you wanna check out all the offerings both the truck and the store have to offer then take a look at the menu. You can also find them on Facebook and if you have any specific questions direct them there.

Location deets:

Pizza A Cone (Pizza A Conic)
1928 Fortune Road
Kissimee, FL 34744

Think you’d be interested in trying out a pizza in a cone?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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