Orlando Utility Boxes: A Showcase for Local Art

If you’ve lived in the Central Florida area for a few years and have ever traveled to the Mills 50 District just east of downtown Orlando you have undoubtedly noticed some utility boxes covered in art. For the longest time I actually treated it as a game for myself to see how many I could discover and capture a photo of (most are showcased throughout the Pulse of Central Florida Instagram).

But if you’re like me for the longest time you may have been wondering exactly what these boxes are here for, and why only these are covered in unique artwork. This is known as the “Art Box Project” (keep this and take it to your next party as a topic of conversation – you’ll be the hit!) Here’s a little info for you:

The utility box project is part of a larger initiative in the Mills 50 area whereby 29 utility boxes have been designed by local artists. In addition to the utility boxes there can also be trash bins and storm drains found. Here are a handful of our favorites:

If you don’t know much about the Mills 50 District it’s an organization of business owners, residents and officials that oversees branding for the corridor along Mills Avenue from Lake Formosa to Amelia Street, and a perpendicular stretch of Colonial Drive. Most definitely an up-and-coming “burrow” in the Central Florida area over the past few years.

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Have you ever noticed any of these while out-and-about driving around the Orlando area? Which are your favorites?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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