Peter’s Kitchen China Bistro

I’m not sure I trust anyone who doesn’t like Chinese food. At least once a year. Me? I like it at least twice a month. Too much? So I’m always eager to learn about new places to try when it comes to this type of cuisine. Enter Peter’s Kitchen China Bistro.

Now, the building currently occupied by Peter’s Kitchen on Colonial Drive just east of the Fashion Square Mall has been many, many things throughout the years. I believe it’s longest inhabitant might have been a Fazoli’s to the best of my recollection. That said – it ain’t the fanciest place in town. In fact, I’ve been noticing Peter’s for months now but have been a little reluctant to go in because…well…just that reason.

Peter’s Kitchen China Bistro
Peter’s Kitchen Front Entrance

So I ended up just taking the plunge not too long ago and stopped by to see what things are all about. And I’ve since been twice so I found it good enough to consider myself a “regular” now (don’t get that confused with irregular…either because of this food or otherwise).

Hours & Location (closed on Wednesdays)
Peter’s Kitchen Dining Room

I didn’t dine in for either of my visits to Peter’s; take out rules. But with the way Peter’s is set up if you’re ordering or picking up take out you have to walk through the dining room to a little station nestled in the back left corner.

The dining room is fairly large, so if you’re planning on visiting with a larger group of folks it seems the restaurant can definitely accommodate. There’s a smaller front room where the host stand is located, followed by the main dining area and a bar section (as you can see on the right there are tables bumped up against the bar, so I’m not certain it’s ever used).

So let’s get into the food. To begin with let me say one of the things I like most about Peter’s food is all of the “traditional” dishes are just a bit different than what you’d expect. Some folks might not like this or would be thrown off by it, but I can appreciate it.

So to begin we started with dumplings.


Main dishes were traditional, which like I mentioned earlier are just a tad off what you would normally expect from a Chinese restaurant. Like the beef with broccoli had just a tinge of sweetness in the beef. A nice little surprise, if you ask me.

Beef with Broccoli

And the General Tso’s Chicken which, let’s be honest is not very adventurous but will forever be one of my favorite dishes, wasn’t quite as tangy as most places would prepare it.

General Tso’s Chicken, Rice & Egg Roll

These are pretty standard dishes, sure. But the menu offered by Peter’s is very, very diverse: From traditional plates like the ones we’ve featured to beef, pork, and chicken dishes. They also offer live seafood if that’s your thing.

Peter’s Kitchen China Bistro may not be everyone’s cup of [green] tea when it comes to Chinese food but it’s a nice option to have in the Central Florida area.

PRO TIP: The store is closed on Wednesdays just in case that’s when you get your hankerin’s for Chinese food.

Location deets:

Peter’s Kitchen China Bistro
3922 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL  32803

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