Juniors Diner in Audubon Park

I’ve driven by and noticed Junior’s Diner in Audubon Park many, many times. It’s one of those “that-place-looks-a-bit-sketchy-but-man-I-bet-the-food-is-really-good” places. Well, that was not the case for me when I finally took the time to stop by and give it a try. Sorta stuck in the same strip down the way from Redlight Redlight, Junior’s Diner is quite easy to miss if you don’t even really know it’s there.

There’s definitely no shortage of food options at Junior’s Diner, which received a makeover a few years ago. When the group I was with and I sat down to explore the menu it was like “woah”! And with a name and location like this one the menu is pretty much what you’d expect: Traditional and classic diner food. Which is exactly what we were in search of on this particular day.

Along with all of the dishes we ordered as you can see from the photos features, one of the things I was most surprised and excited to see living on the menu was corn nuggets. Yes, yes – a good ‘ole southern dish. Well, not really dish so much as “appetizer” (can the breakfast meal have an appetizer?) or side. Nonetheless, I was very quick to order these, and like most places that offer corn nuggets it was accompanied with powder sugar for additional flavor. Quite honestly – this was my favorite thing about the meal.

All-in-all I’ve been wanting to try our Junior’s Diner for many years, am really glad I finally did, and will likely not ever return for another meal. There just wasn’t much special about it, and are so, so many other options for breakfast/brunch meals around.

NOTE: At the time of the publishing the Juniors Diner website was down (and had been for several weeks as we held this post).

Location deets:

Juniors Diner
2920 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Have you ever stopped in to Junior’s and had a meal? If so, what was your experience like?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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