People Pulse: Here Comes Meatball

Well first off this is more like a “Pet Pulse” feature, with Meatball being the star! But there is a humanoid behind that precious face. Let’s just be clear about that! So this issue of “People Pulse” is a little bit of both. So let’s pawwwwsss…and now get started.

Here_Comes_Meatball-2Q: How long have you lived in the Orlando/Central Florida area?
A: Mister Meatball has lived in the North Quarter of Downtown Orlando all of his four years of life along with his lifetime resident Tony.

Q: What’s one of your favorite things about living in The City Beautiful?
A: Absolutely without a doubt…the weather!! Being a height challenged pup, Meatball doesn’t like ice cold sidewalks or freezing wet landscapes.

Q: You live in The North Quarter, a bustling new “burrow.” What do you love most about residing in this neighborhood?

A: The 32801 has always been home to the darling dachshund. It’s a particular part of Downtown that feels more like a nestled neighborhood than late nighters who prefer deeper down the Orange. There are plenty of friendly folk that smile and greet Meety (🐶) on during his daily stroll.

Q: Ok, so tell us how Meatball came to be?
A: After a long run with a 20-year pup, I was looking for a new furry friend. After finding the 7-week piebald dachshund online hundreds of miles away, it wasn’t until I got him to the vet that I was informed he had cerebral hypoplasia (cerebral palsy in pets). Although he struggled to walk when he was a puppy, holistic care, acupuncture, CBD and therapy has him up and running and enjoying every gifted day.


Q: Why Instagram?
A: The social media platform has always assisted me in information and the experiences of others on the best way to navigate Meatball’s health. Between the advice of global doctors who specialize in the cerebral condition to the eventual signing of Meatball to The Dog Agency in New York City. Instagram has been a necessary connectivity between wellness, industry, and fans.

Q: What do you think it is about Meatball that has resonated so much with people?
A: Meatball has always had global cheerleaders from early on. I’ve made all of his struggles and victorious accomplishments public and his audience has always been willing to come along for the ride.

Q: You have over 162k followers on Instagram. Is that all organic? How do you find new people to connect with?
A: 180k last summer but whos counting? Yes, Meatball’s IG account is all organic. Instagram recently is into tweaking the new algorithm with requirements of engagement that make it impossible to have a real non-virtual life. Because it’s so unrealistic we put the same energy into our account whether there’s one or a million. We feed the account… the account doesn’t feed us. So we keep putting out the ”happy.” It’s the best that we can do.

Q: What is one of the things people most often misunderstand about being a dog owner?
A: I don’t know that people misunderstand anything about dog owning. Most do know that it’s an incredible amount of consuming energy. If not, then someone is doing it the wrong way. If blessed, we get about 15 good quality years with a pet. A genuine pet owner knows that they don’t want to miss one moment of the awesomeness

Q: Is there something you’d love to see come or develop in Orlando as it relates to food?
A: The continual exploration of farm fresh healthy food that one doesn’t require a small loan to eat. Fresher eating shouldn’t be penalized. Oh… plus anyplace that allows Meatball to dine alongside me.


Check out Meatball and Tony in action:


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