Places to Nurse at Disney Springs


A few weeks ago I ran across a Tweet from someone who was visiting us here in Central Florida by way of Walt Disney World, as so many do. Specifically, the Tweet was mentioning the lack–or non-existence–of designated areas at Disney Springs for new mothers to nurse their babies. Now I am a man with no children currently or in sight, so this doesn’t necessarily directly affect me or really have any relevance to me. That said, the Tweet stuck with me for days and days and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Because of this specific issue this guest’s experience here in Orlando, at Disney, may have been completely ruined (which indirectly affects me).

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So I did a slight bit of research and came across this topic of discussion on Disney’s website, led by one of the members of the Disney Moms Panel:

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Unfortunately, there is not currently a designated space for nursing moms and their babies at Disney Springs. That said, the state of Florida supports breastfeeding and encourages women to nurse wherever they want to!

I mean, I’ve worked in the theme park industry for much of my career and this is a very generic, PR-friendly response if I’ve ever heard one. With that, to all those new moms, experienced moms, or simply folks invested in this subject for whatever reason what do you think: Should there be private, designated areas at Disney Springs for those who need to nurse?

Additionally, if anyone has any specific details about this topic feel free to share.

To view the full discussion hosted by the Disney Moms Panel click here.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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