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dickey-s-barbecue-pit-250x250.jpgWho’s always on the hunt for delicious barbecue in the Central Florida area? This guy right here. 👋 And truth be told I’m not a huge fan of some of those that seem to be “on trend” or the most popular here everyone raves about. You probably most definitely know the ones I’m referring to; I don’t need to name them. My favorites are a little less low-key.

Recently I heard about a new place opening up over in south Orlando called Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. That’s actually not true – I didn’t hear about it, I Googled barbecue places in Orlando. Dickey’s popped up and I decided to go check it out, you know for someplace new. So I did that on a day I was running errands and knew I’d be out-and-about running around.

Now in my mind I thought this place might reside in an older standalone building, perhaps a little dark and somewhat cutesy (reference Cecil’s in SoDo; more on that later). Well, that just goes to show you what preconceived notions will do for you. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is relatively new and at the end of a strip mall.

“All the meats” at Dickey’s

There are currently two (2) locations in the Central Florida area: Lake Nona and southeast Orlando (the one we visited), and 16 in Florida.

Let’s do things a little differently on this one. Let’s break it all down with pros and cons…keeping in mind we don’t ever want to intentionally come from a negative place and the “cons” are merely based on what we experienced, and hopefully seen as constructive criticism or opportunities for improvement by the venue.

The main “pro”? The food. The food is really, really good. On top of the variety of meat Dickey’s offers, the sides are plentiful and delicious.

Dickey’s Menu


As you can see I didn’t like it very much. NOT! Although I did snag a couple of to-go containers for my sides I pretty much inhaled every bit of my “plate” (a deal or offer for guests to choose from). I went with the “1 Meat Plate” option and the following:

  • Pulled pork. While I’ll opt for any type or cut of meat at a BBQ joint I tend to prefer pulled pork more often than not.
  • Jalapeno beans. Ok, so I’m a sucker for pinto beans and you don’t find that too terribly often as an option for a side at restaurants. So when I saw these offered there was no question it was one of my picks. And here at Dickey’s the pinto beans are sprinkled with a flavoring of jalapeño. Actually, not even sprinkled: These guys have some major kick! I loved ’em.
  • Mac & cheese. I don’t really think I need to say much here. You can tell by the first image above this side is filled with plentiful cheesy and creamy.

Like what you see? In addition to the single meat plate deal Dickey’s also has “2 Meat Plate” and “3 Meat Plate” (good on you if you can tackle this) options as well as a “Pork Rib Plate.” If you want to see what are all the options offered as side check out the “Sides” section of the website.

The Dickey’s menu is very, very robust so I’d recommend glancing over it before heading over to try the place out.


  • Well, although I don’t mind driving anywhere for some good food, food that I enjoy, the location is not necessarily convenient for many people. Especially given the limited locations in the Central Florida area. I mentioned there are currently two (2) Dickey’s restaurants in the area, and both are on the south-ish side. So location would be “con” number one.
  • “Con” number two would be: Cleanliness. I’m not a very high-maintenance customer when it comes to anything service-oriented and I won’t detail the things I personally found a little off-putting, but there were some things at the drink/soda station I thought could use a little more attention.
  • It’s a small dining area. So if you plan on having a meal with a larger group of people you might want to take this into consideration and perhaps call ahead so the restaurant can make accommodations. During my visit there were about four larger tables arranged to seat about eight (8) people each, along with one or two other smaller tables nearby.

Location deets:

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
599 South Chickasaw Trail
Orlando, FL 32825

A couple of other things I learned about poking around their website which are worth noting about: You can order online and they also offer catering (think special events and business meetings).

What do you think? Would you give Dickey’s Barbecue Pit a try? If you ever have, what was your experience like?

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