Another Broken Egg Cafe Feeds the Breakfast Need

I’m not a huge breakfast eater, and never have been. But from time-to-time I’ll head out someplace to catch up with someone, or after a Saturday morning workout. There are, of course, not a shortage of breakfast places to choose from in the Central Florida area either, we can all admit.

After one of these Saturday morning workout seshes I mentioned, a couple of folks and I decided to head over (i.e., pretty much crawl) to Another Broken Egg Cafe (Broken Egg moving forward) in the Winter Park Village. Being my first time visiting, I was pleasantly surprised by both the restaurant itself (I’d always had a different perception of what was inside) and the experience (both the food and the overall vibe).

Broken Egg’s Cocktail Menu

Firstly, since the Broken Egg is really a breakfast/brunch joint, they have a pretty extensive cocktail menu. Now, I’d mentioned some misperceptions early on in the post and one of them is I thought this place would be/is similar to a First Watch. That is obviously not the case; First Watch doesn’t have booze. Drinking was not on my agenda during this particular visit so the drink menu wasn’t really my thing; I can, though, admire all of the options.

Moving on to the food. The massive amount of food. WOAH! Immediately after being seated our party was presented with The Broken Egg menu. Our server could tell we were a bit overwhelmed by all the choices so she kindly offered up the “specials” seasonal menu as well as some of her personal favorites. (P.S. – There’s also a PRO TIP later on in the post specifically directed to first-timers like us). Needless to say we spent quite some time getting to know all of the dishes on the menu…and we all ended up going with some pretty basic, traditional items.

Like I said before, the menu is way, way extensive so I’m not going to go through it all. You can check it out to take a peek at ALL they have to offer: AnotherBrokenEgg.com/Menu.

PRO TIP: Not sure if this tip should really be shared or not, but if you’re visiting for the very first time you’ll likely receive an order of Broken Egg’s famous (?) beignets.


EXTRA PRO TIP: By signing up for the Broken Egg’s email newsletter–which, incidentally is called “The Coop” (I know, right?!)–you’ll receive a coupon for an order of these beignets.

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Email Newsletter ⬆️ “The Coop”

After signing up: ⬇️


Those beignets, by the way, are mad delicious and are served with a marmalade that complements them perfectly.

While Another Broken Egg Cafe locations can be seen all throughout the southeast part of the United States there are only two Central Florida locations: Winter Park and Lake Mary.

Location deets:

Another Broken Egg Cafe
410 North Orlando Avenue, Suite N100A
Winter Park, FL 32789



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