Woodson’s Wrap Shack: A Food Truck

img_7631-1Have food. Will travel.

I mean, that should pretty much be the motto for every food truck in existence, right? It’s one of the things I love most about food trucks. But I feel like it’s most completely appropriate for a “wrap” truck I recently became familiar with.

I was at an event recently where Woodson’s Wrap Shack made an appearance, and while I was starving at the time and would’ve likely eaten a rubber tire, I was so glad to see Woodson’s because their menu looked delish.

Woodson’s Wrap Shack Food Truck
Woodson’s Wrap Shack Food Truck

As we all know who have been to big local events (arts & crafts shows, farmer’s markets, food truck bazaars, etc.) there are typically a pretty large variety of options to choose from when it comes to food vendors. Now, this is a food truck so there’s not a ton to talk about. He actual truck is eye-catching and very cute. But it’s the food – the food that’s the tasty part of the entire experience.

So here’s a little overview of our first encounter with Woodson’s:

The Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Ok – I’m not a fan of buffalo chicken anything (it’s the sauce, people) so this really became a chicken wrap at my request. The “on the menu” buffalo chicken wrap is: Fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, aioli, mild, medium or hot buffalo sauce.

BUFFALO CHICKEN WRAP minus the buffalo

Club Wrap. The other person in my party opted for this wrap. Always a staple, in my opinion, and the verdict was it was quite yummy. Fairly standard for a club: Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Of course, this can be altered to the diner’s taste.


A few of the other items I almost considered:

  • Cuban Wrap (not typically a big fan)
  • South West Chicken Wrap
  • Grilled Steak Wrap

These and others are featured on the “menu” page of Woodson’s website if you want to take a look. And if you want to check out more photos of Woodson’s food (other than the amazing ones we’ve shared here) there’s a gallery featured on their site as well.

By the way, those french fries that come with each sandwich are amazing. I’m sure the sweet potato fries are good but the fresh cut fries are perfectly cut, hot hot hot when delivered (at least mine were), and contain the perfect amount of salt.

Location deets:

It’s a food truck, so there are no permanent location deets. Duh! There is an “Events” page on Woodson’s website, though, were all of the upcoming events and appearances are listed. Check it out: WoodsonsWrapShack.com/Events. You can follow Woodson’s on Facebook.

Have you ever seen or tried Woodson’s?



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