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Yay (c’mon – you knew it was coming) for new Central Florida local businesses, and for discovering new places. When it’s both at the same it’s like winning a special prize! Like the new-ish “YAY!” gift/merchandise store in Ivanhoe Village. Now, first of all this place refers to itself as a “tiny” shop – and tiny, it is indeed. Located on the south end of the strip along the shops across from Lake Ivanhoe, I’d noticed it a few times in passing as I travel this part of Ivanhoe Village quite often. I’ve wanted to stop in for quite some time but only just now got around to it.

It’s a Sign: YAY! Is Here.

While stores similar to this can be found in towns all across the USA and even here in the Orlando area, this one has a very special vibe to it and definitely makes wanting to shop seem fun.

YAY is dedicated to helping preserve the joy of local shopping….” – YayTinyStore.com

I didn’t spend too much time in the shop as I was headed on my way to somewhere else shortly, but I did manage to look around at some of the merchandise and chat very briefly with the owner of the store (Stacy Coon). If you’re in the market to find unique jewelry, party goods, fun paintings/prints, or notebook and, again, like to support a local business, you might want to consider dropping by YAY!

Here’s a very general look at the shop:

Lemonhearted published a way more in-depth look at the shop that includes a discussion with the owner. You can read it here: https://www.lemonhearted.com/blog/yaytinyshoporlando. We’d also suggest following YAY’s Instagram feed as there’s a closer look at some of the merchandise offered.

Location deets:

1211 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Have you been in to check out YAY! yet?



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