“Above and Beyond” Presented By Boeing: Exhibit at Orlando Science Center

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Above and Beyond, a new exhibit at Orlando Science Center, invites attendees to explore the greatest accomplishments in aviation from birds to planes to Mars-bound spacecraft. Presented by Boeing to commemorate 100 years of flight, this new interactive experience launches guests into the future of aerospace technology and air travel.

Now I used to want to be a pilot when I was growing up (wild idea, I know), but quickly realized what a nutty, crazy thing it is to be at the helm of taking a manmade machine like that up off of the solid ground, so promptly changed my life ambitions. That said, I’m still fascinated by flight and will most definitely check out this exhibit.

Orlando Science Center’s newest traveling exhibit is available to experience beginning this Saturday, February 2nd through May 12th. Visit the Orlando Science Center website for additional information.

Location deets:

Orlando Science Center
777 E. Princeton Street
Orlando, FL 32803

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