Park Ave CDs in Audubon Park

Guys – I still buy CDs.
Yes, you read me correctly.
Music stores still exist and I go to them. CDs still exist and I purchase them. I enjoy the experience of buying real-life, tangible music: Looking at the CD artwork; reading the booklet; seeing the song composer(s) and players. It’s just part of my own personal relationship with music.

And one of the existing places I enjoy shopping to feed my need is Central Florida staple (and iconic) music store Park Ave CDs. You [hopefully] know it, you [definitely] love it. If you’ve never been there you’re life is just not quite what it needs to be.


With an original location on Park Avenue in Winter park years and years ago, this Audubon Park neighborhood landmark is always bumpin’ with customers – to browse around just for the novelty; to check out the latest releases(on CD and vinyl), buy a really rad “Park Ave CDs” tee; or to purchase tickets to an upcoming show. You’ll likely find a local or even really popular artist making an appearance at the store; it’s a perfect venue to meet-and-greet an artist you love. In addition to all this visitors will find books, posters, and magazines on the shelves.

Now I thought I might be in the minority with my affection for this non-digitized music so I recently asked the question “Are CDs Still Cool?” in a story on our @PulseOfCFL Instagram and here’s what came back:


Does this surprise you? What do you say? Do you think CDs are still cool? Do you still purchase CDs to listen to?

As a reminder for those who may have only been to the store a time or two, or for those newbies who want to visit sometime soon:

Location deets:

Park Avenue CDs
2916 Corrine Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 9.22.26 AM.png

And before you head over to the store check out Park Ave’s “Digital Download Store” by visiting the Park Ave CDs website or clicking here.



What are your thoughts on this topic?

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