Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen in College Park

The College Park neighborhood has many places come and go over the yeas. And the spot where Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen is cooking is no exception. Its previous inhabitant was a Dunkin’ Donuts which is still in the neighborhood but just down the street in a new location.

I stopped in on a [busy] Friday night not too terribly long ago. The majority of tables were occupied as was the bar, but fortunately there was one tanle open on the patio – which was where I was hoping to sit anyhow. Sure, it was a little chilly out that evening; however, Outpost has heat lamps outside for such evenings. So I was guided outside, sat and was quickly greeted by an incredibly friendly server (who remained just as friendly and incredibly attentive throughout the evening).

Local. Fresh. Scratch.

These three words are touted on the Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen website, and as such the restaurant offers an often-changing, diverse menu. After mulling over it for quite some time I landed on the shrimp & grits. “Way to adventure out” you’re probably thinking. Well this particular beloved dish has its own unique spin on it: Outpost’s take is made with cajun butter, green tomato chutney, and a house made chorizo. Told ya.


Peruse Outpost’s menu here: OutpostCollegePark.com.

Looks pretty tasty, right? A few other items I was eying on the menu I’d like to give a try on a future visit(s) are the braised short ribs, the cauliflower steak, and chicken & waffle bowl (brunch menu), and the bacon steak & corn cakes (brunch menu as well).

In addition to all the yumminess Outpost offers from day-to-day they also have regular events and special events throughout the week and coming months. Check out their “Events” page and see if there’s something you’d like to put on your calendar.

Have you been to dine at Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen in College Park? Would love to hear about it in the comments below.⤵️

Location deets:

Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen
2603 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804

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