The Grove at Mead Botanical Garden: An Outdoor Venue

A couple of years ago I was randomly riding my bike around town on a late Sunday morning and found myself cycling through Mead Botanical Garden. It’s one of my favorite spots to bike to, what with it being somewhat near where I live on along the Orlando Urban Trail. So on that morning it was beautiful weather, and I decided to park my bike and walk around the grounds. Of course I knew there were a couple of event facilities located at Mead as I’d been to celebrations at both, on separate occasions. But as I continued walking around I stumbled on this beautiful, somewhat isolated outdoor venue. It was stunning, and with as many events and live music/concerts I attend I was quite surprised I’d been completely unaware this even existed.

A 47-acre public garden, The Grove broke ground in the summer of 2012. It features a raised pavilion with an overhead canopy at the bottom of a gently sloping lawn. One of the things I noticed is the beautiful backdrop which features a lush adventure trail.

Fast forward to a couple of years later and I actually had the opportunity to attend an event at The Grove outdoor space: A church service. It was in mid-December and the day had a slight chill, and as the sun set it provided a gorgeous setting for the occasion…along with some even chillier temps.

The Grove Pavilion
Performers in the Evening Surroundings

Isn’t that a beautiful setting? I could most definitely see it used for other church services, wedding receptions/dinners, private parties, business functions, or even team meetings. Anyone can rent the space through so check with the Mead Garden website or call for additional information.

Location deets:
The Grove at Mead Botanical Garden
1300 S. Denning Drive
Winter Park, FL 32789

We’ll certainly write more about the beautiful Mead Botanical Garden in future posts. But would love to know if you’ve ever been to an event here at The Grove? What sort of event would you like to attend?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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