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Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 1.10.54 PM“Where’s the beef?!” Sure, that’s like 999 years old but I’m sure it made you chuckle? Even just a little bit?

Anyway…I can tell you where the beef is. I can tell you where all of the meat is. If you’re in the Ivanhood/Ivanhoe Village area frequently or just pass through from time-to-time you’ve probably noticed Orlando Meats. Sandwiched (yup – I did it) in between Santiago’s Bodega and The Matador in a tiny building along Virginia Avenue, it used to be Flag World,Β which is now in another location just down the street. Well, I’d been wanting to stop in ever since I saw their fun sign go up on the outside of the building…and, so I’ve done so. Twice. In the past month. Gotta say: This might be one of my new favorite places in Central Florida to grab a meal. Definitely one of the best sandwich shops to come around in some time.

To start, here’s a taste of what happened on my very first visit:

Shake Hands With Beef
Shake Hands With Beef

The Shake Hands With Beef sammy is really the Orlando Meats take on a philly cheesesteak/cheesesteak sandwich. So I said yes immediately; I love a good philly. And truth be told, this is even better than a philly cheesesteak. It’s in a league all its own. The meat is so juicy and delicious. Incredibly flavorful, and I’m not much of a fan of horseradish or shallots but both added so much to the sammy. The bread is also fresh and soft – just enough to complement the sandwich and not be too overbearing.

Medium Rare Burger

Now, I didn’t actually try this burger, which was what my dining companion had settled on. That being said – the final word is that it was PERFECT. The grass-fed beef delicious and juicy (hey – just like my cheesesteak), packed with flavor. Be aware, though, if you visit and decide this is what you’d like to order – the burger is prepared medium-rare (it’s in the name), and it’s pretty pink. So if this is not your thing you might wanna go with something else.

Oh, by the way. Forgot one of my most favor things about the meals here are the chips that come with the selections. The chips are homemade and they are amazing! They are actually sweet chips, tallow chips if you see them on the menu. So you think you’re biting in to traditional kettle chips as we all know and love them, but they’re actually sweet like kettle corn. Kinda makes me think of the fair for some reason.


Now, these two are just many of the sandwiches featured onΒ the Orlando Meats menu, obviously. If you want to see what else they have to offer or want to make up your mind before heading out for a visit, click here: OrlandoMeats.com/menu.

We recently posted an Instagram Story asking followers if they’d been to Orlando Meats yet:

If you watched this and answered “no” – so…that just means you need to get out and try this place. Support local! Also, they have a really fun Instagram so if you’re not already following, moove (πŸ˜‰) on it.

All tha meats!

Oh, Orlando Meats is also a full-service butcher. You didn’t think we’d forget that part, did you? You can find almost any kind of meat you’re craving in their shop, as well as cut. Their beef/meat is sourced fromΒ local farms and ranches that follow humane practices and are raised on pasture. If this type of procurement is important to you, particularly as it pertains to where you get and consume your meat, you’re interested in this type of thing and want to see who their suppliers are, they’re listed atΒ OrlandoMeats.com/butcher.

Orlando Meats has a pretty cool story so if you have a few minutes head over to their website and check out the “About” section.

Location deets:

Orlando Meats
Virginia Avenue
Orlando, FL

Wanna keep up with all tha meats? Sure you do. And you can do that here:

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