Do You DEFY Orlando?


Defy? By definition “defy” means to challenge the power of; resist boldly or openly; to offer effective resistance to; to challenge (a person) to do something deemed impossible. So perhaps DEFY Orlando is aptly named. After all, it exists to not only challenge its guests to defy…well, themselves, but also gravity. But it’s not quite as daring as it might initially seem. Follow along and you’ll get a better understanding…

DEFY Orlando is a relatively new indoor “sports arena”–extreme sports and indoor trampoline park, if you will–we recently checked out with a group of our fitness friends. And while many of the things we encountered definitely challenged our strength and sometimes nerves, it wasn’t as daunting as we’d anticipated. Similar to an Airheads or other indoor trampoline park (but without quite as many trampolines), DEFY Orlando boasts a 30k+ floor plan (it inhabits a former HHGregg store) of activities for folks of all ages. Warning/heads up/fyi (however you choose to look at it): There are A LOT of children here.

DEFY’s Massive Indoor Space

There are so, so many things happening at DEFY Orlando and so many options to offer guests, you’re best bet is to check out their website. I will highlight a few of my favorite things I experienced during my hour-and-a-half visit.

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The Wall
What I’m referring to as the “wall” is an obstacle I’ve tackled at a couple of other places, and I was eager to conquer this one as well. Albeit slightly less intimidating than the others I’m familiar with, at least in height, it’s still something you have to work some courage up for. Essentially you take a running start, jump up the wall as far as you can with the intent of grabbing on to the top and pulling yourself up. Sounds pretty easy, eh? Tell that to the numerous folks I watched missed and come sliding back down the wall. YIKES! I’m proud to say I attempted the taller wall and successfully made it up. A couple of things to note about this obstacle: First of all, the picture featured here is not located at this particular DEFY Orlando; however, theirs is very similar in that there are two levels for guests to challenge themselves. Second, no shoes are allowed, so the feet/toes are somewhat exposed and unprotected. I managed to stub my toe just a bit but nothing too serious.


The Mini-Tramp
That’s not their official name – I just wanted to say tramp! But that’s essentially what they are. There are a set of two one-person, mini tramps living toward the back of the gym. This is really an opportunity for folks to experiment with their jumping techniques and think outside of the box with their moves.

The Obstacle Course
Think of it as a mini-American Ninja Warrior course. Located in the very middle of the entire large room and extending over to where “The Wall” is, the obstacle course is essentially a two-row, eight obstacle challenge.

PRO TIP: Do not climb on the two plexiglass objects located at the of one of the rows (the piece with the arrows, seen directly above). They are for under-grip sliding/maneuvering. I learned this the hard way when one of the team members blew his whistle at me to get down. That being said, I was pretty friggin’ proud of myself for finding a way up there.

The AirDunk was my jam, for sure. I don’t play basketball, never have, and quite honestly don’t care about ever learning how to play. So this was a great chance for me to see what kinda skills I have.

The Trapeze
The trapeze section of the “gym” is an opportunity for any Olympic hopeful to have their moment to shine. Simply grab on to the “second story” bar (or swing, if you’re not quite so daring), take a giant leap, and then soar through the air and land in the pit of foam blocks. It’s hella fun (although I’m not gonna lie I struggled to get out)!

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Another thing worth mentioning is DEFY has “club nights.” This was just about to happen as our group was leaving. Basically, think of it as what a bowling alley does later in the evening, turning out all the lights and pumping in loud music under black/glowing lights.

“Imagine a Club w/No Gravity! Club Night will be completely re-defined as you and your friends establish #JumpCulture under the black lights!!! Lights Out….Lasers and Music On. You must be 15 years or older to attend.”

Location deets:

DEFY Orlando
8010 W Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32818

To purchase tickets before you go visit DEFY Orlando’s website (not an affiliate link). You can also follow DEFY Orlando on all of their Social channels to check out more:

So, what do you think? Will you DEFY Orlando anytime soon?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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